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National Librarian’s Book Review - The Smart Money Woman

Opening Glee Welcome to yet another edition of the National Librarian’s Book Review. Today, April 20, we have in our hands - The Smart Money Woman: “An African Girl’s Journey to Financial Freedom”, a book authored by Arese Ugwu and published in 2016. The book “The Smart Money Woman: An African Girl’s Journey to Financial Freedom” is an interesting novel that not just the African Woman should read but everybody. The book shows explicitly how women can independently manage their ‘women lifestyle’ without having to depend on a man for it whilst still living comfortably without debts. In the book, Zuri, the Protagonist is an independent working class woman with a good paying job, a nice apartment and who doesn’t depend on anyone for survival but becomes broke as her income was no longer sufficient for her opulent lifestyle. However, she overcomes, by curtailing her extravagant lifestyle. We also meet Zuri’s friends whose different lifestyles and characters affects their relationship together. Beginning with the r

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