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The National Library of Nigeria has introduced an online application software to ease and fasten the process of applying for and obtaining both the International Standard Serial Number and the International Standard Book Number.


The application software which has been developed by staff of the National Library of Nigeria with technical support from KSolutions Nigeria Limited is aimed at reducing the time lag authors and publishers do have to spend in acquiring either of the international standard numbers.

Speaking at the boardroom of the organization where the new software was demonstrated before the management and key staff of the organization, the Acting Director of the Virtual Library Services of the National Library of Nigeria, Mrs. Oluchi Kalu stated that she was proud of the ICT staff working under her, who developed the application software which when deployed, authors and publishers would be able to independently apply and pay for either of the numbers and would be issued same, online in the shortest possible time regardless of the time of the day, including weekends and public holidays.

Demonstrating the workings of the application software, the leader of the team and a Chief Programmer, Mrs. Solape Oshile stated that fresh applicants would have to create a one-off profile where they would be required to upload all required documents but henceforth would only log in to the application with their username and password. According to her “once a user successfully logs in to the software, he would select the standard number they need. For journals, they can check immediately whether the title of the intending journal has not been used by another publisher, upload the dummy of the journal, apply for a number and pay online directly to the TSA. An auto response would be sent to the applicant. The system would then process if every requirement has been met by the applicant, the system would automatically send the desired standard number to applicant’s email box”. For books, Mrs. Oshile stated that applicants don’t require title check so applicant would only enter the titles of their books and upload the draft of the book and the number would be processed the same way.

The application software was developed on the directive of the National Librarian, Professor Lenrie Olatokunbo Aina who himself being an author and a publisher, was unsatisfied with the time and stress involved in the manual processing of the standard numbers. The application was first demonstrated before an audience of about 200 persons in the University of Nigeria, Enugu Campus on 13th and 14t December 2017 during the sensitization workshop organized by the National Library of Nigeria. The workshop which was aimed at sensitizing authors, printers, academics and publishers had the theme “International Standards for Publishing and Legal Deposit Compliance in Nigeria”. The audience made inputs which have now been incorporated as desired by the target users. The software is to be deployed by the first week of October 2018.

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