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Production of Cataloguing in Publication (CIP)


  • What is CIP?

It is an acronym for the programme called Cataloguing in Publication.

  • What is the relationship between ISBN and CIP?

There is a direct relationship between the two. ISBN stands for International Standard Book Number. ISBN must be obtained from our ISBN/ISSN Agency in order to qualify for the CIP programme. ISBN is one of the bibliographic elements that will be included in the CIP data.

  • Who is eligible to Participate?

All Nigerian Publishers that have obtained ISBN and intending to publish in Nigeria can apply for CIP data.

  • What publication is eligible for CIP?

All monographs (i.e. books) published in Nigeria which bears a Nigerian town/city as a place of publication and are likely to be acquired by Libraries are eligible for CIP.

  • What is required of me to obtain CIP data for my publications?
  • Obtain ISBN
  • Submit copies of preliminary pages of your forthcoming titles
  • Obtain CIP data sheet and fill them
  • Submit them to the CIP unit for processing.


  • How does the CIP Programme relate to copyright?

There is no relationship between the CIP Programme and Copyright registration. The main objective of CIP record is to describe the bibliographic characteristics of a work and thereby facilitate access to it in library catalogue.

  • How much does it cost to obtain CIP data?

There is no charge for CIP processing. However, participating publishers are obligated to send three, ten and twenty five copies of private, State government and Federal government publications respectively to our Legal Deposit Office.

  • Can I get cataloguing for a book which is already published?

Cataloguing-In-Publication (CIP) data is available only for works that are not yet published.

  • How long does it take to obtain Cataloguing-In-Publication (CIP) data?

Most publications are completed within ten working days (two weeks) of the receipt of these materials in the CIP office, a copy of the data will be returned to you for printing in the book, usually on the verso of the title-page.

  • What is the difference between a multi-volume set and a monographic series?

A multi-volume set is a work published in more than one physical volume and not open-ended in nature. In order words, there is a finite amount of information and a planned end to the publication. By contract, a monographic series is open-ended with no foreseeable end.

  • Who should supply the CIP data where more than one city is used in the imprint with the name of only one Publisher?

The first city/town mentioned will determine which National CIP programme should supply the CIP data for example, if Abuja, Abidjan, Accra and Lome are used in the imprint with the name of only one Publisher, the National Library of Nigeria will be responsible, since Abuja is mentioned first.


  • Who supplies the CIP data when there are dual imprints which represent publishers in two separate countries?

Two sets of CIP data – may be obtained. In the case of Longman, Macmillan, UPL etc, the National Library of Nigeria will supply one set and the British Library a second and it is left to the Publisher to decide which one he should print in the book. There is no need to print the two sets of data in the same book.

  • Where should the CIP data be printed?

The CIP data should be printed without alteration on the verso page i.e. the reverse page of the title page and with the heading: National Library of Nigeria CIP data.

  • Does the programme benefit Authors and Publishers?


  • You will be advised and assisted with the layout of your forth-coming titles
  • Stimulate sales by including it in the NBN
  • Foster cooperation between Publishers, Authors, Booksellers and Librarians.





Certain conditions and requirements must be met by participants in the CIP Program. The following should be carefully adhered to in order to participate in the programme.

  • All Publishers intending to participate in the program must first of all obtain ISBN
  • Send your request for CIP to the CIP Unit
  • Obtain from CIP Unit three (3) copies of CIP data sheets
  • Fill out the three (3) copies and return the copies of the data sheets to the CIP Unit for processing.
  • Galley proof of the book or the typed manuscript of the book or better still the photocopies of the preliminary pages should accompany the CIP data sheets.
  • The month of the projected publication date, and estimated price and the approximately pagination should be included for each title.
  • In order to participate, the Publisher must concur explicitly with the following:

-Print the completed CIP data exactly as provided on the copyright page of the published book under the legend: “National Library of Nigeria Cataloguing – In – Publications Data.

-Online application for CIP data should be mailed to the E-mail address below. Please note that necessary bibliographic information including the half titled, content page, forward, preface and possibly Chapter one of the title should be sent.


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