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International Standards and Programmes Department



 1. Administration and supervision of National Library branches(South);

 2. Providing reference and information services;

 3. Preservation and conservation of information Resources;

 4. Promotion of Readership through campaigns;

 5. Selective Dissemination of Information (SDI);

 6. Collection of legal deposit materials and certification of documents at            
     the state level;

 7. Assisting in publicizing government current socio-economic policies 
     through exhibitions and displays;

 8. Protecting the interest of Publishers/Clients by responding to subpoenas 
     in respect of litigations;

 9. Stock-taking of collections, and updating information resources for 
     effective service delivery;

10. Current Awareness Services (CAS);

11. Liaising with state governments, local government community and other 
      libraries on behalf of National Library of Nigeria.


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